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Gourmet Foods Cairo (not the company!)


So it's taken me a few months to locate items I would normally buy in the supermarket in other countries. I was thinking maybe we could do a bit of Q&A on where things of interest are available.

I've found:

At Petro's Supermarket (Mohandiseen)
Maple syrup
Sherry vinegar (Vinagre de Jerez)
Brown rice crackers
Various English foods (inc baked beans)
Lots of imported herbs
Mexican food items (tacos, mesquite grill spices, salsa, jalapenos)
Sushi making items (toasted nori, rice vinegar, sesame oil)

At Gourmet (online)
Too many items to mention
(sushi grade fish, oysters, veal for ossobuco, australian beef, edamame beans, everything sushi related including daikon radish, frozen blueberries, mango/passion fruit puree and many many more)

Spinney's (City Stars)
Frozen corn flour tortillas (locally made)
Frozen wheat soft tacos (locally made)

Soy milk
Organic veggies/juices
Refried beans

Now I'm looking for more herbs and natural foods (are there any real health food stores anywhere?)

It would be great if anyone else who has found interesting items could post them here.

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