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NEEDED: Live-in Mother's Helper. (Cairo)


Dear Cairo residents,

I am in search of a live-in mother's helper, who would have housekeeping and child-care responsibilities. The employee should be able to live in the same household as the married couple and a child under the age of two.

The prospective employee should be fully trustworthy in all aspects and should be able to provide the following documents:

#) Original passport to be presented (copy to be kept with the family);
#) 4 new photos, where employees face is clear;
#) The Criminal Clearance document from the original country (up-to-date).
#) New Health Certificate with the test results that family requires.
#) Copy of the National Identification Card (from the original country) and the driving license (if the employee already has one).
#) Full details of 3 emergency contacts in Egypt and 3 emergency contacts in the original country (if the employee is not Egyptian).

The employee should be one of the following:
-Native Arabic speaking,
-Native Georgian speaking,
-Native English speaking,
-Native Russian speaking.

Whatever the combination of languages might be, the employee should be able to speak basic English.

There is no age preference, as long as the employee is fully capable of clear communication and carrying out the tasks with a high quality.

I hope to hear from interested candidates or recruitment companies. I prefer to deal with the prospective employees directly, as the hired candidate should become part of our family.


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