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Legal market in Canberra

hello all,
I am a civil litigation attorney in the US and am looking at moving to Australia at the end of next year.
I already know I will need about a year of school in Australia to meet the professional requirements to become licensed to practice law there and am working on those issues.

But was wondering if any of you
1) are attorneys from another country that migrated to Canberra and what your experience was completing the bridging courses/meeting licensing requirements, getting financial aid, visa to study, etc..
2) have any knowledge of the job market for solicitors/barristers for expats.

I am hoping to find work in immigration or work to become a migrant officer. But am open to other areas.

In the US it is harder and harder for attorneys to find work. I am not sure if the legal market in Australia has been his the same way.

Thank you in advance for any insight!

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