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NEED temporary housing for 2-4 week Oct 28 start (Dallas)

Hey I just moved back to the states a few weeks ago. Friends are housing me for another week and then I need a place for anywhere for only 1 week to 4 weeks and I need very low all inclusive rent. I also have a cat that would come with me so my own room would be best. Seriously, the lower the rent the better and in exchange for very low rent I will clean your place like an OCD person would and I could cook at least 3 meals per week but would be seafood or vegetarian, I could help tutor you or children in English and I love animals so could walk or play or feed your pet. I have applied to 8 school districts and other positions and really think I will have a job in the next few weeks or will be looking to move out of country again if not. Check out my profile and ask any questions you want.

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