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A few logistical questions (Dar es Salaam)

I am with a group of three currently in Singida for a few months but will be spending a few weeks in Dar to do office work and work with a local NGO.

We do have a few questions that I hope someone might be able to help with. The accommodations are being taken care of by the NGO but might someone know?

- What would be some of the best restaurants in town? Especially Indian or other food cuisines we can't get in the interior
- Do you know any local printers that can print booklets or pamphlets?
- Do you know of any translators who can translate between English and Swahili?
- Do you know any local designers who could put the translations into a indeisgn or other design program to be printed?
- Any things to recommend to do while there in our free time (in Dar itself)

We are from US, Australia and Turkey if anyone would like to connect. Thanks in advance for any help.

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