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Career Services for foreign Engineers and ITs (Dresden)

I have worked as a recruiter for many years, now I give advice to technical employees, who want to come to germany. The typical "German Gründlichkeit" plays a roll even in this aspect of live. To know the requirement and rules is essential for finding a job. I provide you or your job-seeking spouse information about:

• Where you can search for interesting jobs.
• How you can adapt your application and résumé to German standards.
• What you should expect in a job interview.
• What are appropriate working conditions (including salary).

Beside this, general questions related to working in Germany might be of interest to you as well:
• In which regions could you expect the best results for your search?
• Which requirements do you have to comply with to get a work permit?
• Is your wife/husband allowed to work here?
• How can you receive the legally protected title of "Ingenieur"?
• Which level of German do you probably need to work in your preferred job?
• What does our social insurance include?
• How high would your compulsory payments for social insurance and wage tax be?

Visit my homepage for service details: Protected content

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