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A few questions for expats in the UAE(Dubai etc.)

Hi everyone,

I have a few questions for current and former expats in the UAE. Based on your experiences I'm trying to write a part about recruitment and employability in the UAE for future expats that want to find a job in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE.

Your help will be very much appreciated.

These are the questions:

1. Was it easy or difficult to get a job in the UAE? Could you provide us with some insight regarding the steps you have taken, starting from the point you began searching for a job. (e.g. use of recruitment agency, the procedure, websites etc.)

2. How long did it take before you got a response after applying for a job?

3. What increases the chance of finding a job in the UAE ? (e.g. speaking Arabic, networking, degree, experience, nationality etc.)

4. What can you tell us about the job interview etiquette in the UAE? How did you experience that? (think about introductions, dress code, providing information, hand-outs etc.)

5. What did you struggle with or annoyed you while trying to find a job in the UAE ?

6. Are there any positive aspects of the hiring procedure in the UAE (that you might want to see in your native country)?

7. When you get offered a job, what should you pay attention to before you sign the contract? (e.g. accommodation allowance, health insurance, airline ticket, minimum salary to make a living etc.)

8. Is there something ells that you think future expats that want to get a job in the UAE should know? (tips will be very much appreciated).

Former/current expat:

You can also answer the questions by following this link: Protected content

Thank you :)

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