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Arabic Courses (Dubai)

Intensive courses for 24 hours & 30 hours , in in 10 days , speaking language ,writing & reading ,
private 0r small group.
at your office or acompnay or in a busniess center.

payment in advance,contact through E-mail structure based on learners needs ,materials free.

see the example below thanks

sample for a Language Function Analysis

Greetings, introductions of self and / or company

□Giving and asking for personal information

Make polite conversation (pleasantries)

Basic telephone language

Making simple statements

□Using simple question forms

□Numbers and dates (making appointments)

□Dealing with travel arrangements (i.e. airport, train, taxi, checking into hotels)

Ordering in restaurants and showing general courtesy

□More advanced sentence construction

□Dealing with people over the telephone

□Presenting ideas / projects

□Contributing in meetings (social and/or business)

Following basic conversations at normal native speed

□Advanced question forms

□Making statements with more advanced structure

□Expressing and asking for opinions)

□Developing telephone language

□The language of meetings

□Language of Presentations

□Expansion on numerals i.e. dates, times

Advanced Small talk / Niceties in professional and general encounters

Advanced practical orientation for travel, restaurants, hotels, taxis, shops and transport.

□More advanced sentence construction

□Dealing with queries / problems over the telephone

□Presenting projects, ideas, plans

□Making your contribution at a business meeting

□Following more advanced conversations at normal native speed

□A rehearsed presentation by delegates on a business or general issue


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