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How to watch BBC iPlayer from outside the UK (Dubai)

I found a way to use BBC iPlayer from anywhere abroad and would like to share this experience with you in case you are a British citizen or would like to access iPlayer services from outside the UK.

BBC iPlayer lets you stream high quality TV and radio shows as well as movies, the problem is this is limited only to the residences of UK and which means you cannot watch it from somewhere else so If you are willing to travel abroad and would like to watch UK TV via a catch up services such as BBC iPlayer in Dubai or any other place in the world, although we should point out that you are technically breaking the rights agreement reached between rights holder and broadcaster, and iPlayer's own terms of service.
Fortunately, there is a way to get around this and I here I would like to highlight 2 different software I used:

VPN, Prior it was used by businesses to protect their internal data which employees can only access via corporate VPN server and now days VPN providers brought many of its amazing features to everyone’s hands.
there are many benefits of using a VPN, can be summarised in 3 words : security, safety and freedom but long story short a VPN encrypt your connection and secure your data, and allow you to by-pass websites restrictions by changing your IP address and much more, so whether you are in Dubai and would like to watch iPlayer BBC or living in the UK and would like to access Netflix American library, a VPN will help you connect to one of their servers in no more than one click, and here is some of the best:

Here two of the best VPN providers that are noteworthy of attention:
NordVPN ($3.34/month for 3 year subscription).
main website: Protected content
secondary website: Protected content

Express ($8.32/month for 1 year) One of the best VPN providers, I just prefer NordVPN since it provides pretty same service for better price
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Proxy: A proxy server is an intermediary server separating end users from the websites they browse; it acts as a middleman, so your activities appear to come from somewhere else, A proxy does not secure your data, it merely changes your identity (IP address).
Using Proxy has some consequences as it will kill your internet speed and you may lose connection at any time what will expose your real IP address in return.
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