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Information Security will protect your data (Dubai)

Whether you are a start up, a big business, a government or an individual - you are using computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones and have smart cars, homes, TVs etc - the environment in which you live and work is growing smarter by the minute.

But is is also becoming dangerous and as the good things grow, the bad stuff is there - cyber criminals and cyber mafia types waiting to rob you of your money from your bank or hold you to ransom, or sell you a dream of a lottery! And much more.

I can help with practical advise on what to do and how to do. It can be as small a consultation to understand how secure you are at present (with your anti virus, firewall etc) and how good or bad is the situation.

Things like backup, business continuity, malware, social media risks, data thefts, email thefts and more are happening and small changes in the way you work will help you be protected.

So - drop me a line or call me and lets talk about your problem...

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