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Invitation-Expat Community (Dubai)


Dear Expat Community,

Flights are already fully booked towards the end of the year and you know what thatmeans! It is almost Protected content

Having said so, we usually work with clients at this time of year to help plan in advance what we like to call a financial target for the upcoming year.

Failing to plan is in other words planning to fail.

If you would be interested in finding out what opportunities there may be in the market place, but simply lack the know-how, please do get in touch.

How would this work?

Step 1: We will arrange a phone conversation to understand what exactly you are looking for and whether we could be of any help.

Step 2: If there is anything we can do for you, we will book an appointment with the most suitable consultant for you, depending on your preference, even though all consultants are highly skilled, Experienced and Qualified (cannot stress how important this characteristic is in the field we work in) to give you financial advice.

Step 3: We host the meeting, and then finally determine whether we have the most appropriate solution for you.

Cost? Your time.

Phone Conversation-10 minutes
Meeting-45 minutes

Total Cost? 55 minutes of your time.

To begin with, it would be a good place to start with our website.

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