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Warning to All Expats who buy alcoholic beverages in liquor shops in Ajman, Umm Al Quwain (UAQ), RAK (Dubai)


This to warn all the expats in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, who usually travel to Ajman, Umm Al Quwain (UAQ), RAK & Fujairah to buy drinks in the liquor shops, please check if someone has been following you, or there are Protected content behind you that keeps on cutting you or prodding you to hit them. Don’t ever divert your attention to them, just drive straight and don’t stop anywhere in Shrjah area in Emirates Road or in any other Sharjah Roads , these are gang of guys who will blackmail you for having an alcohol in your car (most especially if you are a Muslim) because they will tell you that Sharjah law is strict on Alcohol. Then they will not tell the police that you have liquor in your car, unless you give them money, they are asking 3,000 to 5,00 Aed and maybe more if you are a European or American.

This happened to a friend of my sports buddy. He is a European and together with his Tunisian Muslim pal who was driving his car, they decided to dropby at a liquor store in UAQ as the European wanted to have a stock of wine after draining it last Eid vacation. So on the way to Dubai going up to National Paint bridge, they were cut from the left by a car driven by a ‘local’ man in candura half opened window and with another arab guy in plain clothes. The Tunisian escaped from hitting the car but that made him go down the bridge of National Paint and then one car nudge them from behind when they are on the service road, prompting them to stop and check the car damage.
To his shock, the ‘local’ man was not apologetic on his intentional bump. He was shouting and threatening to call the police. So when they Tunisian said that it is better so they can all go and file claims, then the ‘local’ man simply ask them to just pay for the damage of their front to avoid police investigation, as they knew that they were carrying liquor in the car and sharjah law is strict and they may go to prison or worst deportation. The man even tell the Tunisian that it is not allow to Musli to have liquor then the European explained to them that it was all his stuff and they are just buying from shop and didn’t consumed anything. But the man kept on saying that even though, they are in Sharjah. So to stop all their arguments, as another car stopped to tell them that they have a case if they don’t pay, the two has agreed to settle 3thousand dirhams so they can go.
Now they realized that these are orchestrated scheme as these guys already knew that they have alcohol in their car, and that the Tunisian Muslim is liable because the liquor is in his car and not in a non-muslim car. They intentionally cut them so they have to stop in Sharjah where they can blackmail them.
They are not sure if the arab guy in candura is really a local, but he pretends to be one, but they said they have noticed other guys in the other car who are all Arabic but with plain clothes and kept on harassing them. The friend of my buddy who is European was really in the mood to fight with them and challenge them to call the police, but since his pal is a Muslim and doesn’t want to be involved in a liquor scandal, they have agreed to pay.

The friend of my buddy was still frustrated that he took a few days leave to ease out his disappointment about this incidence. So I am using this story to warn all expats in Dubai . It is not prohibited to buy liquor in licensed shops in AJM, UAQ, RAK or FUJ, just try to be discreet about it by taking it home and not consuming it on the road nor stopping in Sharjah.
So Next time guys, you should not stop anywhere in Sharjah, they will not bump you in a high speed Emirates Road, they will hit you once you go to the service road of Sharjah. It is a plotted scheme as these people doesn’t even care about the cars involved in the conspired accident by hitting you softly from behind or nudging you so you are forced to stop. Who knows, maybe they have been following you from the shop or someone from there may have already texted you car plate and they will just wait you in Sharjah. Now if you are strong and clever enough, you can also frighten these guys and teach them a lesson so they stopped travelling harassing expats. If you are not guilty of anything, challenge them to call the police. By the way even the liquor licensed of the European wasn’t even acknowledged by the ‘local’ man, as he told him, it is only applicable in buying liquors at MMC shops in Dubai that has higher rates that those in Ajman and other Emirates.

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