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Yamaha Stage Custom 7 piece Drumkit - for sale (Dubai)

Yamaha Stage Custom 7 piece Drumkit.

Great condition, Great sounding, versatile drumkit.

10" Mounted Tom (additional piece)
12" Mounted Tom
13" Mounted Tom
16" Floor Tom
18" Floor Tom (additional piece)
22" Kick Drum
14" Snare drum
14" Pearl Chad Smith signature series Snare
14" Sabian AAX Stage Hi Hats

x1 Tama straight Cymbal Stand
x3 Yamaha Boom Cymbal Stand
x1 Yamaha Boom Cymbal attachment
x1 Gibralter Boom Cymbal/percussion attachment stand
x1 Yamaha Tom mount
x1 Yamaha tom mount stand
x6 floor tom legs
x3 snare drum stands
x1 Yamaha kick pedal (standard stage custom pedal)
x1 Yamaha hi-hat stand
x1 yamaha stool [throne](standard stage custom drum stool)

Should you be interested, or have any questions then please email : Protected content

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