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Sense of Identity (Dublin)

Being of two races can be a blessing and a curse. I speak from experience. While it gives one a sense of pride for truly being different and opens the mind to new ways of seeing life it makes it difficult to "fit in" and associate yourself with pure bred locals of a country who've always lived in one place. Growing up I found it difficult to integrate with the culture here in Ireland and to this day I feel somewhat of an outsider. I've been here since Protected content . The purpose of this forum is to discuss the challenges, successes and hopes of being so culturally different in a foreign land. It would be nice, for me at least, to know that I wasn't the only one, am still not the only one, who finds it hard occasionally to know who you are when who you are isn't routed in one place nor one race. Identity is what when there aren't any roots holding you in place?

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