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  • Edmund Taylor

    Tajikstan's economic recovery and growth are truly striking, and expat contacts to navigate its booming business are invaluable.

Relocating to Dushanbe

Finding Accommodation

Expatriate communities in Dushanbe are home to diverse characters from all over the world. From NGO volunteers and diplomatic officials, to entrepreneurs, you will meet like-minded people from all walks of life. Although the foreign population here is small, it is highly welcoming; and for families there are a variety of international schools to choose from.

A key draw for expatriates is the cost of living, particularly accommodation, which is remarkably cheap in Dushanbe compared with Europe and America. For example, a one bedroom apartment is available from as little as 100 USD to 326 USD per month, while more spacious properties begin at 350 USD to 800 USD depending on the prestige of the neighborhood, and its proximity to the financial hub.

The Climate in Dushanbe

The Dushanbe climate is a tale of extremes. From mid-June to September, Dushanbe is baking — this is the only feasible time for High Pamir treks. From April to May, there are persistent, heavy showers which can result in traffic and supply problems as a result of blocked mountain roads. Finally, in winter it is far below freezing and temperatures are severe. From November to February, temperatures can drop to between -20°C and -45°C, however these are extremes and it is not always this cold.

Visas for Tajikistan

Visa applications for Tajikistan are fairly straightforward. Citizens within the EU, the United States of America, Australia, and most of Asia can simply obtain a visa on arrival at the airport. However, those from other regions will have to complete a visa application process at a Tajikistan embassy or consulate. For further information, please visit the Tajikistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs site which has compiled a complete list of countries and their particular visa regulations.

The visa that you apply for depends on your situation, and there are several visas available to foreigners depending on circumstance. The terms of these visas differ depending on whether it is a short or long-term stay, a diplomatic visa, a business official visa (or investment visa), a business visa, or an educational visa. However, the general documents required for these applications are universal. They include: a valid passport, with six months minimum remaining, a completed visa application, and two 2×2 passport photos.

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  • Edmund Taylor

    Tajikstan's economic recovery and growth are truly striking, and expat contacts to navigate its booming business are invaluable.

  • Raquel Santos

    Dujanbe really merits its reputation as the 'jewel of Central Asia', and finding fellow expats to go out with was a true delight.

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