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  • Edmund Taylor

    Tokyo has so much to offer and InterNations made it much easier to become acclimated to life in this bustling city.

Living in Fukui

Fukui is the capital city of a prefecture, or provincial state, of the same name in central Japan. It is an ancient city of around 265,000 people, with a compact urban center and picturesque environs of sweeping plains and mountains. The city is a coastal one, situated on the Sea of Japan, with some stunning beaches in the outlying region. Expatriates living in Fukui may hear the city referred to as the ‘city of hydrangeas’ in reference to the luscious flower that is a symbol of the city and a common sight in the late spring, marking the arrival of summer. There is a lot of culture for expats living in Fukui to explore, notably the Fukui City Art Museum and the beautiful Ichijodani Asakurashi Ruins. Expats in Fukui can also expect to enjoy the city’s various festivals, including the Phoenix Festival in the summer and a traditional beach opening festival in July, with traditional Shinto rituals to safeguard swimmers against accidents at sea.

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Moving to Fukui

Expatriates moving to Fukui will probably find the easiest route into the city is to fly to the nearby Komatsu Airport, from which you can get a bus or taxi to the nearby Komatsu Station, which runs regular trains to Fukui costing around US $8. We have a comprehensive collection of articles and general information on expatriation in our specially compiled Expat Magazine on the InterNations website. This is a useful way to get the information you need on topics ranging from cross-cultural communication and living abroad to international insurance. Expats moving to Fukui can also get a great picture of the ups and downs of expatriation from our various articles written by other InterNations members – these are often a great way to take a ‘sneak preview’ of what lies ahead for expatriates lucky enough to be moving to Fukui or other foreign cities.

Working in Fukui

The city’s local economy is vibrant and diverse, with a heavy machinery sector, the headquarters of a major Japanese dairy company, an international trading house and the only harp manufacturer in Japan. The climate is delightfully hot and humid and the local food scene is excellent. Expats working in Fukui also have a great choice of culture and sights to see after work, with the Yōkōkan Garden, the beautiful Fukui Castle and the Harmony Hall Fukui all particularly worth visiting. The Fukui International Activities Plaza may also be of interest to expatriates working in Fukui and you can contact other expats easily through the discussion groups and private communications on our website. InterNations members often find this a great way to organize meet-ups, socialize and get information on the latest things to do and see in their host cities – and in a city as vibrant as this one, expats in Fukui can be sure that’s a list that will keep growing.

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May 19, 2024, 10:00 AM
15 attendees
An exciting venue in Parco, Sinsaibashi! A must-see place! It’s a different world! The owner of the venue used to be in the Adult Toys Business. For that reason, you may find some very interesting
May 23, 2024, 12:00 PM
29 attendees
I'm happy to re-introduce another long time favorite hotspot for expats and you are invited to join us! Close to Italian supercar showrooms and placed within walking range from Roppongi station you w
We’re dancing All Night! 😂 Come and join us on Kitsune Kyoto’s floors! Each floor has a different mood! And music to your liking. Get a discounted entry upstairs at the ID check point, by showin
May 25, 2024, 4:30 AM
22 attendees
Hello newcomers! Are you new to Japan? Or new to InterNations? Want to make new friends and socialize? Then, this event is for you. Let’s have lunch together and get to know each other in a small g

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  • Edmund Taylor

    Tokyo has so much to offer and InterNations made it much easier to become acclimated to life in this bustling city.

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