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  • Jonathan Brown

    As an expat in Gaborone & beyond, I learned to love Botsuana's treasures and would like to share my love for my second home with you.

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Employment in Gaborone

Finding jobs abroad is not always easy, but the wide range of employers in Gaborone makes the experience a pleasure. All expat employees require a visa to work in Gaborone, but businesses typically offer a good salary and excellent career prospects – whether you’re a teacher in a school, an insurance professional in financial services, or a nurse working in a hospital. Foreigners are always valued members of staff, with many expats choosing never to leave.

Local Economy

Gaborone is by far the most dominant city in Botswana’s economy, as the home of multiple commercial and financial institutions. The economy is dominated by diamond mining and beneficiation, and specifically by De Beers Diamond Company, which controls much of the country’s mining industry. The company, which was founded in the UK, is now headquartered in Gaborone and is a significant boost to the local economy.

Much of the local economy supports these large commercial entities, with a strong business tourism industry catering to international travelers. The services industry is also particularly buoyant. Burgeoning new industries, such as mobile banking and internet-based firms, are also based in Gaborone, where they benefit from more reliable electricity compared with the rest of the country.

Job Hunting in Gaborone 

When looking for employment in Gaborone, it is possible to seek support from an international embassy and recruitment company. Newspapers can also be useful. As the commercial hub of Botswana, Gaborone is home to numerous international and domestic companies across a multitude of different industries. The working language in the majority of companies is English.

Expats with a financial education will find plenty of possible employers, given the high number of local, domestic and international banks in Gaborone. Senior managers will find their skills particularly in demand. The headquarters of the Southern African Development Community are also in the city, which attracts plenty of diplomatic and government affairs students and professionals. Teaching and customer service are other common career choices.

Income Taxation

Income tax is paid via a pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) salary deduction system, according to a July to June tax year. Progressive tax rates apply for residents, with the first 36,000 BWP of earnings tax-free. Non-residents pay tax in the same way as residents, although there is no exemption for the first 36,000 BWP of earnings. For the purposes of the tax system, a resident is regarded as an individual with a permanent place of abode in Botswana or alternatively, someone who is physically present in the country for a period of 183 days or more during a single tax year.

Foreign workers are instructed to register to comply with income tax regulations through the government portal, available on the Botswana’s government website.

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  • Jonathan Brown

    As an expat in Gaborone & beyond, I learned to love Botsuana's treasures and would like to share my love for my second home with you.

  • Melanie Rasbery

    Gaborone's a comparatively small African metropolis, but I still needed help from expats and locals to relocate and settle in.

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