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HI there Forever Young Fans !

A topic that makes us age quickly is:


We will discuss how Guilt and Shame Plagues us on many dimensions of our lives and go even further and DECODE our Feelings of Hidden Guilt and Shame.

We will go through a worksheet together that will give you insight regarding this topic far beyond you could ever imagine. That way our discussion will be of the realizations from your own experience.

It will be held at: Ecole d'ingenieurs , rue de la prairie 4, Geneva.

Main Entrance - 1st Floor - Room B114

It`s less than a 5 minute walk from Cornavan Train Station Accross from Le Brasseur des Grottes where the Sunday Salsa is held.

Someone will greet people at the entrance to help you find your way.

This is absolutely free - no charge at all to come and join. Bring as many friends as you wish.

till Tuesday March 29th @ 19:00.

This is for both Men and Women

So lets have a Transforming Evening Together :-)

till then........

Stay Amazing and Do all you can to Stay Forever Young !

Dr. Demetriades

Geneva Forum