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Nathan Reed

Living in Geneva, from Canada

"UNO, WHO, IKRK, WTO -- I really appreciate the humanitarian and professional networking events for InterNations expats in Geneva… "

Amanda Miller

Living in Geneva, from USA

"InterNations and the amazing events around here helped me get my bearings in an expat hotspot like Geneva. "

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Bonjour, hallo, ciao, and a warm welcome to our expat community in Geneva! InterNations is an global network which has the central aim of connecting you with other expats in your area and helping ease you into your new life in Geneva. Geneva has its own dedicated InterNations Community (with a further 389 across the globe) which can help you make new friends and answer any questions you may possibly have as you embark upon this new chapter of your life. Whether you wish to know how commonly English is spoken in the area, or which school is recommendable for expat children, you can receive the combined knowledge of our many members.

With InterNations you can utilize the forum and guide upon the website, or you can choose to attend the prestigious monthly events and or join groups to help you meet friendly faces in person. Although moving to a new city can be concerning and somewhat fraught, InterNations can help you to solve any problems and settle into your new home much more comfortably.

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Read Up on Expat Life in Geneva

With a population of 185,000 people, made up of more than 40% of expats, Geneva is the third largest city in Switzerland. Geneva is a fascinating place filled with a wide range of people — from businessmen to those working at non-governmental organizations and the United Nations. As a result of the international air of Geneva, the city has three official languages: French, German, and Italian. French is the most commonly spoken, but many living in Geneva also speak English.

Geneva is also a very accessible city. It boasts an airport, trains which are always on time, trams across the city, and even ferries across various points of Lake Geneva. It is incredibly simple to get from one place to another at an affordable fee.

As an affluent area and a hub for various organizations and businesses, your Swiss Francs do not tend to stretch very far when living in the city. This being said, there are a huge number of career opportunities in Geneva over a wide range of industries. If the variety of businesses in the area were not enough, the local economy is further aided by the University of Geneva.

In addition, the city offers a rich variety of schools (public, bilingual and private, including many international schools) and well-ranked universities. However, sometimes is hard for new arrivals to secure a place due to the high competition, so make sure to apply for a place early one. Geneva also is one of the top 10 safest cities in Europe, so choosing it as a place where to raise your children is not a bad idea.
Geneva has earned a reputation as a gourmet town. The cuisine is strongly influenced by France and Italy, and even the most discerning expats will be satisfied. Although Geneva is a relatively small city, there are many opportunities for fun. The nightlife is unexpectedly diverse and filled with people from all over the world.

Lastly, choosing to live in Geneva, you should know the weather is changing all the time. Summers are nice and warm, but in winter the temperatures do drop to around freezing. However, these conditions are perfect if you are huge fans of mountains covered with a lot of snow for skiing.

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InterNations is a trusted resource for information and a safe place to network, and this is why our membership is by approval only. Trust, respectful behavior and a positive attitude are absolutely essential when joining InterNations. After all, this gives you the chance to communicate with expats and global minds around the world in a safely and secure way.

Registration at InterNations is a fantastic way for you to start your life in Geneva; from asking any and all questions on the online forum to simply participating in the Geneva Jazz Lovers Group or even coming together with other expats over your shared love of sailing in the Geneva Sailing Group, InterNations is a sure fire way to help alleviate any fears you may hold and make you feel more comfortable as an expat in Geneva.

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