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Introducing myself... (Geneva)

Hello everyone,
My name is Avivit and I am new to the group. I wanted to take this oppurtunity and say that I love reading what you ladies are up to...
I live in Florida and although I am not directly related to the Expat world.. My family did immigrate to the US when I was 14 and moved around quite a bit. I wish we had a support network like this. Ultimately this is one of the greatest motivators for me to become a Speech Language therapist/pathologist 10 years ago and help those who can't express themselves as well as they want to( being because of an articulation disorder, language impairment or an accent that keeps getting in the way:). The cool thing about our company, which differentiates us from many others, is that we provide the therapy ONLINE (think Skype but more sophisticated). Our therapists are licensed and certified and will see you or your loved ones anywhere in the world -all you need is internet, computer and a webcam.

If anyone has any speech and language related questions that they would like me to answer PLEASE don't hesitate to ask. Best way to reach me is Protected content . To learn more about Gr8 Speech please visit us at Protected content .

Sorry for the lengthy introduction. I look forward to hearing from you .


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