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magazine story about Expat life (Geneva)


I am writing a detailed documentary about Expat life in Geneva for the Swissgerman magazine REPORTAGEN. My interest is to give an insight view in the personal, unspectacular everydaylife of a Diplomatic family and the experiences of an Expat wife.

How is it to start in a new city? Where did you begin to look for contact? Who or what did help you, what makes ist difficult? Do you have children? Are you allowed to work? Do you find it important to get to know people from Geneva? How would you describe your life as an Expat? What makes it different from the everydaylife of the people around you? Are you homesick or lonely sometimes? Is it off-limits to talk about that? What makes you happy? Do you have a dream?

If you could imagine yourself to be portrayed (or you do know someone else who does) please feel free to contact me. I could tell you more about the magazine, my work and my plans for this reportage. We could meet and find out whether you could imagine to talk frankly with me about these questions. If you prefer to do this anonomously, that is also no problem.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best

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