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Who are these Global Nomads ? (Geneva)


Dear members in Switzerland,

Lake Geneva is a global region with nearly half of its population made up of foreigners, representing some Protected content and a host of NGOs, UN organizations and multinational corporations. Not surprisingly Lake Geneva region is home to a large number of Global Nomads.

An efficient nomadic leader should be at home on every continent with highly developed intercultural sensitivity. These highly mobile leaders meet the needs of the hyper-globalized economy and have what every multinational company seeks : innate intercultural instincts, mobility and adaptability. Yesterday, the top manager was the one who travelled. Today, with hyper-globalization, even the local manager needs the skills of a global leader.

These global nomads present a challenge to HR managers and coaches. How do we support them in the workplace to leverage their unique skills and help them feel grounded and fulfilled? Equally important is supporting their family’s integration.

What is the difference between a Global Nomadic Leader and an expatriate? How to recruit and retain Global Nomads? How can we help his insertion and the one of his entourage? Is it necessary to integrate them in a purely multicultural environment ? What projects should be assigned to them? How is globalization impacting leadership ?

This First, organized in collaboration with Rezonance is aimed at both the foreigners living and working in the region, as well as their families, and the NGO, UN organizations and multinationals staff assisting them with their integration within the company and the local society.

This is a FREE event but Registration is mandatory , send an email to Claire Gadroit : Protected content to register yourself for this event.

This event is part of the annual reflection on the theme of nomadism, treated throughout the year. This deployment is based on several events including this First conference, and a think tank whose contributions are reflected in a blog hosted by Pascal Tilmant, editorial webmaster and Samuel Dixneuf, journalist More information here .


Wednesday, May 25th Protected content
05:00 p.m. Home
05:30 p.m. First
07:00 p.m. Networking cocktail

How to come ?
By car : from the town centre of Lausanne, by the road along the lake in direction of Vevey, in front of Nespresso. From the highway, Belmont exit, in direction of Lutry, then in direction of Pully-Sud.
Parking : free underground visitors parking under the Centre Patronal
By bus : from the town centre of Lausanne (Saint-François), bus TL n° 8 in direction of Paudex/Verrière (terminus) – 10 minutes


Centre Patronal
Salle La Paudèze
Route du Lac 2
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This event is free, but registration is mandatory send an email to Claire Gadroit : Protected content to register yourself for this event.

Don’t hesitate to forward this invitation. We are looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday May 25th at 5:00 pm @ Centre Patronal, Paudex.
Best regards,

Geneva Forum