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Unemployment / Working in Ghent (Gent)


Hi all!

I'm French and I moved to Ghent 2 years ago to join my Flemish boyfriend. I didn't want to quit my job in France at the time because we were buying a house and I needed a regular income, and I also that thought I could manage driving Protected content per day. However, after 2 years, I'm really tired and I realize that I spend way too much time, energy and money in my car. I'm considering quitting my job (I have a pemanent contract), start learning Dutch at last and maybe work as a freelance in a few months. However, some things are not very clear and it's hard to get precise answers. Maybe some of you can help?

1. Have you already experienced quitting your job in a foreign country *after* moving to Belgium? If so, did you get unemployment benefits afterwards?
2. Can anyone recommend an organization/group/forum that help people who want to become freelancers? I'm not really aware of the administrative and financial process. Even though there are information online, talking to people who can share their experience and give some good advice sounds more useful to me.
3. Another option before starting my own business would be to find a job in/near Ghent. At least I wouldn't have to drive for long hours every day. But not speaking Dutch is a real problem... For those of you who found a job in Ghent, is there anywhere (interim agencies, for instance) I could go to get some support finding a job as an expat?

Thanks a lot for your help. Any tip would be appreciated! :-)

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