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Living in Accra

A comprehensive guide about living well in Accra

Accra is a city where the tropical beaches and the local flora combine with the services of a developing city. Life in Ghana can be challenging and sometimes complicated, but with the necessary knowledge it is definitely rewarding!

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Life in Accra

Healthcare in Accra

Public healthcare in Ghana is funded by a blend of government resources and religious organizations. Expats are able to use the country’s National Health Insurance Scheme, but they must pay a small stipend. Many expats prefer to take advantage of the city’s private healthcare system, which offers quicker access to treatments and better facilities. Most medics operating in private hospitals in Accra speak fluent English, and wait times tend to be short. However, the quality of hospitals throughout the city varies, which means itis important to choose one carefully. Some of the country’s private health insurance schemes include Momentum Africa, First Fidelity Health, and Med-X Health Systems.

Pharmacies are widely available across the city, which means access to medicine is easy. However, those who spend time away from Accra in some of Ghana’s more rural districts may find that hospital standards are not as high. In addition, individuals moving to Accra may wish to consider long-term malaria prophylaxis, including medications, Deet, and mosquito nets.

Education in Accra

Expats who are moving to Ghana with their family have a number of options when it comes to education in Accra. Public school educators in Accra are more likely to operate using English than local dialects, but this may vary in other regions of the country. The public school system in Accra is based on the British education system, and many place emphasis on rote learning, which isn’t always beneficial to older students.

Theoretically, public schooling in the city is free. However, if schools do not have enough facilities to cope with student demands, they may request a financial contribution towards a child’s education. Private schools in Accra model themselves on both British and American education systems. In addition, there are both Swiss and French schools available, with the Swiss school offering tuition in German. The fees at such schools tend to be quite high, and places are often in high demand.

Transportation in Accra

Due to the large expat community and high levels of tourism, Accra’s public transport system is relatively comfortable. Those relying on buses for transport in Accra should find that they are well air conditioned, and most operate from Obetsebi-Lamptey Circle station, Tudu station or Makola Market. It is possible to drive in Ghana using an international driver’s license that is up-to-date. Alternative options include using a taxi or a tro tro. Taxis are relatively cheap, and although tro-tros are cheaper, they tend to be dangerous.

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Updated on: December 06, 2018
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