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Working in Algeria

Find out how to get a job and work in Algeria

The biggest industry in Algeria centers on natural gas production, with the country's oil reserves forming another strong part of the economy. Expats could find some employment opportunities in this section. Find more information about working in Algeria in our guide.

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Employment in Algeria

There are lots of jobs across natural gas production sector in administrative, managerial and laboring roles, as well as lots of opportunities for investment and for service industries. If you’re looking for work in a growing sector that offers lots of upward opportunities, Algeria is a fantastic place to be working.

Economic Overview

The economy in Algeria is not as strong as other African nations, but it is growing and showing signs of success. Much of the local trade is international, although local produce and crafts keep a sustainable portion of the economy turning over. Some important sectors are industry, agriculture and mining, since Algeria is rich in minerals that are exported to many countries. Expats in the region are typically higher spenders than native residents, and tourists also account for a big part of the country’s income. Hotels and travel services are seeing more business as the global economy improves, and Algeria is headed towards a stronger position in coming years. The country is still a developing one and has economic problems that reflect this, but it offers potential to investors and to potential residents.

Work Permits for Algeria

To apply for your work permit in Algeria, you’ll need a valid work visa and a letter of repatriation, as well as a letter from your employer and a copy of the contract. Professionals and skilled workers are highly desirable and you’re sure to be welcomed if you can secure work there, but filing the paperwork can be tricky as there are many parts needed. Make sure you seek advice from others who have experienced the process, or speak to your national Algerian embassy.

Tips for Job Hunting in Algeria

The main employer is the government (32% of the workforce) and Algeria tries to incentive trade and foreign investment. Therefore, expats should focus on these sectors. Moreover, Algeria is home to some key global industries and workers for these sectors will always be well received. Professionals such as doctors and teachers are very desirable as well. If you want to stand out from the crowd while looking for a job in Algeria, it can help to have a strong grasp of one of the national languages. English is commonly spoken in cities, but not by everyone. However, French is one of the unofficial languages of Algeria and fluency can go a long way if you’re undergoing job interviews. It is possible to obtain work before you leave, with many companies now carrying out Skype interviews for international workers.

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Updated on: December 06, 2018
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