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Living in Amman

A comprehensive guide about living well in Amman

As the capital of Jordan, Amman is home to 4 million people. Amman is known as the gateway to the world famous historical site of Petra. The mixture of breath-taking scenery and modern lifestyle will not let you down. Check out the InterNations GO! Guide for more information about living in Amman.

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Life in Amman

Culture and Leisure

For tourists, Amman is probably best known as the gateway to the world famous historical site of Petra, 240 km to the south. This is a great weekend trip option for expats living in Amman, but the city itself has plenty to offer too. Its nightlife is ever-improving and is now comparable to some of the most happening cities in the region. It also has great shopping, from bustling souks to modern malls such as the City Mall which also houses restaurants, a multiplex cinema and other entertainment. The Rainbow Street district, meanwhile, has high quality outlets for Jordanian crafts.

The Jordan Museum near City Hall is a high quality museum detailing Jordan’s ancient history, while the Citadel and the beautifully restored Roman Theater are historical treats that are well worth visiting.

For sports, The Royal Racing Club has horse and camel races in spring and summer, plus horse-riding lessons. It is located off the Desert Hwy towards Queen Alia airport. Jordan Auto Track has carting and cross rally, and Bisharat Golf Club is a taste of desert golf.

Healthcare in Amman

Healthcare facilities in Amman are of a very high standard, making the city a health-tourism hotspot and a leading destination for healthcare in the region. Many medical professionals train in western countries and then return to Amman to establish their own medical practices. As such, many doctors are proficient in English. Most expats tend to have private health insurance arranged through their employers. Expats should generally opt for private facilities as although staff are still well-trained in public facilities, the level of comfort is not as high.

911 is Jordan’s centralized emergency number, including medical emergencies. 

Transportation in Amman

Amman is not a city to walk around, although a few districts are walkable, such as the area around Rainbow Street, with its cafe culture and shopping. Buses are reliable and inexpensive, although the wide availability and cheap cost of taxis makes those the preferred choice for many expats who live in Amman. Yellow taxis are private, while white taxis are shared, picking other people up along the way. Passengers should kindly remind drivers to use the meter. Any across town ride should cost five dollars or less.

Those wishing to drive should bear in mind that congestion can be a major problem in Amman, and the standard of locals’ driving is haphazard at best. Road markings are often non-existent, and rules are not always obeyed. Expats driving in Amman should have good insurance, an international license, and carry their documents at all times when driving. Driving in Jordan is on the right-hand side of the road. Drunk driving should be avoided because the legal limit is low and the Jordanian justice system is very different to what you may be used to.

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Updated on: December 06, 2018
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