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Working in Amman

Find out how to get a job and work in Amman

Amman is a regional business hub with many large projects going on and a continually changing skyline. The information technology plays a vital part in local economy. Expats could find job opportunities in education, information technology sector and tourism industry. Check out our guide for more information about working in Amman.

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Employment in Amman

Local Economy

Major regional information technology companies base themselves in Amman. One of the Middle East’s most prominent banks, Arab Bank, has its headquarters in the city and other major global banks have bases there. Aramex, a logistics and transportation comparable in global significance to DHL, FedEx, and UPS, is based in Amman.

Almost 2 million people per year visit the Jordanian capital as tourists, bringing in around 4 billion USD. The city makes more than 1 billion USD in health tourism alone. Amman is also investing heavily in major infrastructure projects. Jordan had a GDP of 33.68 billion USD in 2013, for which Amman is largely responsible.

English teachers are required in Amman, but while there are some ESL positions, the Middle East generally requires more qualifications and experience than other parts of the world. Fully qualified teachers can work in Amman in the numerous international schools, and these teachers can expect to earn around 3,000–3,800 USD per month. Less qualified ESL teachers earn significantly less. 

Work Permit for Amman

Expats wishing to stay in Jordan for longer than six months in any one-year-period should apply to their country’s Jordanian Embassy for a residence permit. This is often arranged by employers. Foreign nationals wishing to apply for a work permit must submit — along with other relevant documentation, such as their passport — evidence from an employer of an offer of contract. 

The Jordanian government has a very good website in English detailing the procedures and fees for obtaining work permits, work visas and the many other kinds of visas available on the official website of the government.

Income Taxation in Amman

Individual income tax in Jordan is worked out at a rate of 7% on the first 12,000 JOD of taxable income and at 14% of taxable income over and above this. Expats are considered residents, and are therefore required to pay taxes, when residing in Amman for 183 days.

The responsible agency is the Income and Sales Tax Department. Address: Jabal Amman -3rd circle – Tower Building – Prince Mohammad Street, Building No. 237, Amman.  The agency can be reached through their website or by telephone: (962) 6 4604444.

Jordan has double taxation treaties with several countries, but expats looking to move to Jordan should check the status of their own country’s arrangement, as it varies between countries.

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Updated on: December 06, 2018
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