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Working in Genoa

Find out how to get a job and work in Genoa

Genoa’s economy is based in different industries: tourism, steel, teaching… so there is a plenty job offers for expats that they can find online or in newspapers. If you are thinking to work in Genoa, read our guide to know more details about it!

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Employment in Genoa

Local Economy

Genoa forms an industrial triangle with Milan and Turin and is a major economic center of northwest Italy. The steel industry was once the lifeblood of the area but has been phased out in favor of diversified and less polluting labor. Shipbuilding does continue to provide employment but these days the services sector, in particular tourism, is the city’s backbone. Several cruise and ferry lines regularly operate from the port and the nearby airport and the historic university are big employers in the area. The surrounding countryside boasts lush flora and fauna and the main agricultural products — olive oil, wine and flowers — are sold all over Italy and overseas. Food production also contributes to the local economy, from fishing to pasta-making. As well as being exported overseas, these prized ingredients are supplied to the many restaurants and trattorias in and around the city.

Genoa is a hub for language schools. Teachers, in particular English language teachers, are in high demand at the many schools in the city, including the British School of English, the International Language Centre, and Italo Britannica.

Expats also work in the area of academia; the University of Genoa, founded in the 15th century, is one of the largest in Italy, with 11 faculties, 51 departments and 14 libraries. Other academic and educational institutes include The Italian Shipping Academy, The Ligurian Academy of Fine Arts, The Italian Hydrographic Institute, The Grazia Deledda Academy and School, The German School Of Genoa, and the relatively new Italian Institute of Technology, which opened in 2003. 

Job Hunting in Genoa

You may be transferring to a job through your current employment, or have something new lined up. If not, there are various ways to look for work. The regional newspaper published in Genoa is Il Secolo XIX, which lists job vacancies, and plenty of information about jobs and potential careers for expats can be found online. Useful websites include TEFL or Esl Base, for language teacher jobs; ClicLavoro for government jobs; and Trovo Lavoro or Manpower for temporary and permanent positions in various sectors.

Contact your local Italian Embassy or Consulate for more information and advice about work permits.

Income taxation in Genoa

In Italy your employer deducts income tax and social-security contributions from your salary, through a PAYE system.

The income tax brackets in Italy are as follows:

  • 0 – 15,000 EUR — 23%
  • 15,000 EUR to 28,000 EUR — 27%
  • 28,000 EUR to 55,000 EUR — 38%
  • 55,000 EUR to 75,000 EUR — 41%
  • 75,000 EUR or more — 43%

More information about tax matters for expats can be found at Official Taxes Website (in Italian).

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Updated on: December 06, 2018
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