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Living in Nicosia

A comprehensive guide about living well in Nicosia

Cyprus is known for its laid back attitude, and expatriates living in Nicosia can expect a welcoming, friendly, and vibrant culture, with much emphasis placed on the island's unofficial motto; 'siga, siga', or 'slowly, slowlys in English. Read on for more info culture, healthcare and more.

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Life in Nicosia

Culture and Leisure

A historical, cultural city, there is much to see and do for expatriates living in Nicosia. The old part of the city has many fascinating examples of Ottoman and Roman architecture, including the world renowned Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios Mansion, which houses the city’s famous Ethnological Museum. Saved from demolition in 1960, it has become one of the major tourist attractions in Nicosia.

Nicosia is also home to the Cyprus Museum of Natural History. As the capital city, it often hosts cultural events, such as festivals, theater, and dance. The large number of universities in Nicosia also means it has a young population, and the streets in the city center are often lively on the weekend.

Healthcare in Nicosia

Expatriates living in Nicosia are entitled to use the public healthcare system, which is paid for by taxes. EU citizens, and non-EU citizens with permanent residence permits can use it for free, but non-EU citizens on a temporary permit will be required to pay small fees for treatment, although the system is inexpensive compared with many other countries. When you arrive in Nicosia and start work, you will be provided with a state medical card so that you can access these facilities.

The public healthcare system is of excellent quality, and many of the doctors and other staff will speak English. However, some expatriates living in Nicosia take out private healthcare insurance, where the standard of care is also very high. There are a number of private healthcare centers in Nicosia, including Aretaieio Private Hospital, Apollonion Private Hospital, and the Evangelistria Clinic.

Education in Nicosia

The Cypriot education system provides free, compulsory education for children between the ages of five and 15. However, many expatriates living in Nicosia send their children to private, international schools, where the quality of education is higher and lessons are taught in English. Nicosia has a number of suitable international schools, including the American International School of Cyprus and the American Academy Nicosia.

Nicosia is the home of eight Cypriot universities, and therefore has a large student population. The largest and most notable of these are the University of Cyprus (UCY), the University of Nicosia, the European University Cyprus, and Cyprus International University. The last two in that list offer some classes in English, as well as Cypriot Greek.

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Updated on: January 03, 2020
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