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Living in Rabat

A comprehensive guide about living well in Rabat

As a capital city, Rabat offers many of the leisure pursuits that an expatriate would expect to find, along with a multicultural atmosphere. The city center in particular boasts a range of activities, catering for families and couples, young and old! Read on for more in on facilities and leisure options.

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Life in Rabat

Healthcare in Rabat

Healthcare in Rabat is, as in the rest of Morocco, sub-standard when compared with other Mediterranean countries. Public hospitals are dirty, ageing and lack the necessary qualified doctors. However, there are a couple of private hospitals for expatriates, namely Clinique Agdal and Polyclinique de Rabat. It is recommended to buy health insurance when living and working in Morocco.

On the positive side, if you are an expatriate with experience working in the medical community, then there are a number of jobs available, with many opportunities ranging across a number of talent sectors and types.

Education in Rabat

Education in the city is, as you might expect in any capital city, well-established and as good as you’ll find anywhere else in the country. With a large international community and with residential areas spread across the city, you will be close to a number of high-quality educational establishments offering levels of course to match every age group.

With a rich and successful economy, Rabat is a city that boasts excellent opportunities for all, including schools, colleges and excellent universities, including the Rabat American School, KGS Khalli Gibran School and the Universite Internationale de Rabat. Indeed, for many people, the idea of their children being able to study by the beach, in the midst of a bustling, metropolitan coastal city, may be a deciding factor in deciding to relocate to Rabat.

Additionally, and thanks to its successful economy, Rabat also offers graduate and non-graduate jobs that expatriates can move straight into once they have completed their educational pursuits.

Culture and Leisure

Rabat is home to historic sites that include and are inspired by a combination of cultures, with Mediterranean, African, and European culture colliding to create areas as diverse as the modern population is. Tourist attractions include the Kasbah of the Udayas, an old Islamic fortress granted World Heritage status in 2012, the Hassan Tower, and the Bou Regreg River.

More modern pursuits for expats living in Rabat include shopping districts, modern cinema and theaters, restaurants and nightlife — indeed; it is safe to say that expatriates can find in Rabat everything that they are used to, or everything that they are looking for, in a modern city.

Rabat is home to six football clubs, including FAR de Rabat, one of Morocco’s most successful teams. Handball, basketball and volleyball are also popular pursuits, while the city’s coastal location allows fans of water sports to indulge in their favorite hobbies.

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Updated on: October 21, 2021
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