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Working in Rabat

Find out how to get a job and work in Rabat

Rabat is the economic center of Morocco: it enjoys much trade in and out of the African continent and the Mediterranean area. Thanks to this trade and its favorable location, Rabat boasts a very diverse range of sectors and consequently offers many opportunities to expats hoping to work in Rabat.

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Employment in Rabat

Local Economy

As the Moroccan capital and as an administrative city, Rabat contains a whole hosts of industries and sectors that many expatriates can find work within.

English is, as in many locations, an important language in the city and many businesses work in it to ensure international relations are maintained. For that reason, expatriates that can speak English are always useful and it is often possible to find work teaching English as a foreign language, either for adults or in the international schools that host the city’s foreign children.

As Morocco’s capital and as one of the country’s main economic centers, many jobs and industries housed in the city focus on administrative and financially based work; expats who are looking to start working in Rabat and who have a background in a financial industry are likely to find themselves welcome.

Job Hunting in Rabat

As Rabat is a diverse and contemporary city, it is possible for expatriates to find work using local job lists and online bulletin boards, but also job networks like LinkedIn where many businessmen and recruiters search for viable and suitable candidates for positions in localities where more traditional efforts do not always work.

Moroccan daily newspapers, such as Almassae and Assabah, have job boards detailing numerous different positions which may be of interest to an expat looking for work. For a more tailored search engine for jobs in the area, try Marok-vacancy.com, an online job board specifically for English-speaking expatriates.

Work Permits for Rabat

Foreigners hoping to move to Morocco and work must acquire a work visa from the Agence nationale de promotion de l’emploi et des competences (otherwise known as Anapec). Anapec assesses all work contracts of expatriates in order to ascertain whether or not they may have been forged by a Moroccan national; however, your employer will often take care of this process for you.

Expats may also acquire work permits themselves, without the help of their employer. In order to do this, you must visit the Ministère de l’Emploi, conveniently located in Rabat, and provide a copy of your passport, your contract of employment, and any other relevant paperwork (such as university diplomas).

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Updated on: October 21, 2021
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