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Working in Skopje

Find out how to get a job and work in Skopje

Due to the lack of other big cities in Macedonia, many local citizens travel great distances to work in Skopje. As a consequence, the Skopje Statistical Region, including the city of Skopje itself and some neighboring municipalities, produces almost half of the Macedonian GDP.

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Employment in Skopje

As Macedonia is quite a small country, Skopje should not be compared economically to European capitals, but instead to large cities such as Thessaloniki in Greece and Sofia in Bulgaria.

Local Economy

Food processing, textiles, printing and metal processing are some of the most important industries in Skopje, but the financial and trade sectors are also growing quickly. The Macedonian Stock Exchange and the National Bank are both located in Skopje, while many Macedonian insurance and telecommunication companies are based in the city center. 

Skopje has embraced modern retailing in the last few years and the largest shopping center in the city is Skopje City Mall, which opened in 2012. Shopping is also centered around the Zelen Pazar and the Bit Pazar.

Just like in many European capital cities, the services sector has become increasingly vital to the health of the local economy in Skopje, with the industry producing 60 percent of the city’s total GDP.

Job Hunting in Skopje

The internet is one possible place to start job hunting in Skopje, with international sites such as Learn 4 Good or TipTopJob might offer some English job listings for the Macedonian capital. However, for a broader selection and better chances of finding employment in Skopje, Macedonian language skills are, however, a big advantage.

This is also the case when browsing local newspapers. Dnevnik is the most popular print medium in the city, but Skopje is a strong media center and there are a lot of outlets in the area where job adverts can be found for expats hoping to start working in Skopje.

Work Permits for Skopje

Work permits for Macedonia are typically handled by the Employment Services Agency. There are three different types of work permits, depending on the reason for your relocation to Skopje (e.g. sent expats vs. local employer). Correspondingly, different documentations needed for the permit application. Typically, your employer will help you with this. For more information, please refer to our article on Working in Macedonia.

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Updated on: August 06, 2015
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