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Living in Slovenia

A practical guide to the way of life in Slovenia

Take advantage of the many benefits offered when living in Slovenia as an expat. It counts with a great healthcare and a high quality education system. Get more information on these matters as well as about transportation in Slovenia with the InterNations GO! Guide.

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Life in Slovenia

Healthcare in Slovenia

The healthcare system in Slovenia is similar to that of many other countries across Europe. The country has state healthcare funded through state collected health insurance. If you are looking to live in Slovenia as an EU citizen, then this state healthcare is also available to you for free provided you present your European Health Card when requesting treatment.

Once you start working, however, you will be required to take out health insurance, so even if you are moving to Slovenia from outside of the European Union you can receive free treatment once you are working and earning.

In comparison to other countries in the region, Slovenia has a good healthcare system. It also boasts 24h pharmacies, and better equipment and technology than many other Central and Southern European nations.

Education in Slovenia

Education in Slovenia is regulated, delivered and monitored by the National Education Institute of the Republic of Slovenia. The education system works in a similar way to that of many other Central European nations, where free, compulsory schooling is provided up until the age of 16.

Between the ages of 6 and 14, this education takes place at a Primary School, and upon graduation students enter Secondary School. There are a number of English speaking international schools in Slovenia, including the British International School of Ljubljana, which are perfect for the children of expatriates living in Slovenia for work purposes.

If students wish to continue their studies after the age of 16, they can enroll in one of the three Slovenian public universities, of which the University of Ljubljana is most prestigious, or the privately run University of Nova Gorica.

Alternatively, one could enroll at the international university, EMUNI (Euro-Mediterranean University of Slovenia), which offers many courses in English and other European languages. Slovenia’s economy is built on a highly educated and skilled workforce, and its excellent schooling and university systems play a big role in this.

Transport in Slovenia

The driving age in Slovenia is 18 and they drive on the right hand side of the road. Seat belts are required and are strictly enforced, as is the law requiring children under 12 to sit in the back. The speed limit is 130 km/h on the motorways, but only 50 km/h in residential and urban areas. In order to drive on motorways, drivers will need to purchase a permit from a gas station.

Due to the poor quality and slow travel times of the national train network, many people prefer to drive, which can cause build ups and traffic on the major roadways. Many people, however, do use the public bus services, particularly in city centers and residential areas. These buses have right of way at all times on the roads.

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Updated on: May 12, 2015
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