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Moving to Windhoek

What to know if you're moving to Windhoek

With a population of just 325,000, Windhoek is a small city that is easy to navigate and easy to acclimatize to. The residents are generally welcoming to foreign workers and expats moving to Windhoek should find that they settle in quickly and easily.

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Relocating to Windhoek

The Climate in Windhoek

The climate in Windhoek is hot and dry with an average annual temperature of 19.4˚C and average rainfall of 360 mm. 

The warmest months of the year are December, January and February when the average daytime temperature is around 30˚C. The summer months also see the most rainfall with January the wettest month of the year on average. 

In June, July, and August, the weather remains warm with average highs of around 22˚C. During these winter months rain is very rare and most days are dry and clear. 

Though Windhoek does not experience many extreme temperatures, those relocating to the city may find the hot, dry climate and high altitude of the city difficult to adjust to. Expats from colder northern countries should take extra care when out in the sun to ensure they stay cool and hydrated. 

Visas for Namibia

Though residents of most Western countries do not need visas to travel to Namibia for leisure purposes, expats intending to work in Windhoek or explore the possibility of working in Windhoek will need to obtain a visa before they travel. 

In most cases, visas can be applied for at the Namibian Embassy in the expat’s country of origin. If there is no embassy in the country, online visa services are available. You can check the website of the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation for more information as well as contact details of Namibia’s embassies.

Those traveling to Namibia on holiday will be issued with a 90-day tourist visa. Overstaying this visa can result in fines and detention. If a foreign worker decides to extend their stay while in the country or look for work after they have arrived in Namibia, they will need to contact the relevant authorities as quickly as possible. 

Finding Accommodation in Windhoek

With a variety of modern apartment blocks and developments available, expats moving to Windhoek have a good amount of comfortable accommodation to choose from. 

High end serviced apartments are available for rent in the city center within walking distant of Windhoek’s amenities and attractions. Many of the developments that have been designed and built to Western standards also come with shared swimming pools and gym facilities. 

Expatriates with families or those looking for a little more space can find larger apartments and houses on the outskirts of the city. These properties often come with private pools and are a good choice if you are looking to escape the heat of the city.  

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Updated on: September 09, 2021

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