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Life Coach (Gold Coast)

Hi! I'd like to talk abou my Life Coach career.
I worked with career development for a long time and have always done it in a very natural way with my team. I have always enjoyed studying and understanding how each person on my team "worked" to make them reach their full potential and, consequently, the best results as a team.
And I have always applied this to myself as well, because we are always development ourselves and learning in somehow. So in my search for self-development and self-knowledge I ended up deciding to take my Coaching certification. I never stop studying and I am always adding knowledge, but today I can say that I am living my dream, the life I want for myself, doing what is necessary to make my dreams come true. And through coaching I can use my knowledge to help other people find the best version of themselves, their truth and to live their dream / life as well.
And that's why I love being a Life Coach. I've been working and improving myself with a lot of love and I want to help people find their way, deal with their challenges in a natural and soft way and, finally, live their life purpose!
My purpose is to help people develop self-knowledge, self-acceptance, and most importantly, respect for build and achieving the desired goals and objectives.

The 1st session is free, with no commitment. If you want to know more about the process, contact me.

Face-to-face or online sessions ?
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Instagram: @andreac_rocha and @andrearochacoach
Or if you prefer, send me a private message and I'll give you the details!


"Life is movement and transformation. We are co-responsible for our choices and decisions." (Monja Coen)

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