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Hard to find a job in Sweden (Gothenburg)


I just arrived to Sweden in January'14, and all time I was around the EMEA region for quick consultancy jobs for Channel Marketing business for IT industry. Finally my tour is done and settled in Sweden around Skaraborg area, I bought a house, and have a car, and just had our first baby arrived 4 weeks ago, and

Putting in mind I've long experience in my field, but more in Middle East area as I was working previously from Dubai, UAE, and putting in mind more than Protected content applications, that I've applied for in the past 2 years "With no response" I realized :) that I may have something wrong in my resume, or in this Sweden recruitment process.

I finally got offered a job with french company "that they only concerned that I can speak English" as a contractor, so I had to open sole trade company, and I signed a service agreement, and working from home from 9 till 5 everyday, with no idea what will happen if I lose the job for any reason, as I don't speak Swedish yet, and I cannot figure out what am I doing wrong while applying for a job.

I was looking forward for 2 things, someone knows really what CV should look like, and what happens behind the scenes with recruitment, because I can assure to myself, that my profile is perfectly grown to a place I can work in any region, specially that Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark "CUSTOMERS" speaks really good English as per the calls I make every day.

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