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  • Saad Dessouki

    Getting in touch with other expats helped me cope with such difficulties as the sporadic power cuts in Conakry much faster...

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Are you looking for fellow Americans in Guinea? Do you need advice and tips from your American countrymen? Or would you like to go for a trip with other American expats to discover attractions like the pastoral Fouta Djallon highlands together?

Whether you are already living as an expat in Guinea or still residing at home in the United States of America to prepare your relocation abroad, InterNations Guinea provides you with all you need: Founded in 2007, our trusted community has quickly established itself as the international networking platform for expats and global minds worldwide. Among our members there is also a number of American expats in Guinea, hailing from all across United States of America - from Los Angeles, over New York City to Washington D.C..

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    From United States of America, living in Conakry
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    From United States of America, living in Conakry
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    From United States of America, living in Conakry
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    From United States of America, living in Conakry
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    From United States of America, living in Conakry

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  • Internet access?
    5 replies
    May 1, 10:11 PM
    Community member

    Hi, First of all Welcome to Conakry. I think the best option you have for a relatively good internet connection is to choose a VSAT. Now there are several ISPs offering different deals. Also …

  • Expat meet up in Conakry
    4 replies
    Jul 30, 5:05 PM
    Community member

    I must say am short of words, but thank you all for your kinds words. Your support and loving, caring and stunning wishes registered the reality that I found myself in real place with serene and …

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    Obviously, embarking on expat life in Guinea is not only about packing boxes and getting some paperwork done. The regular exchange with your American compatriots is also an important aspect of the expat experience and can help you get accustomed to the Guinean culture and people. InterNations helps you meet and interact with other Americans in Guinea, living in Conakry, Beyla, Kankan and many other places across the country. Just take a look at our group ofAmericans in Conakry.

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