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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapy (Gurgaon)


I have recently shifted to Guragaon and offering FREE therapy sessions (75mins each) on Saturday and Sunday.
Owing to efforts and time needed for a session, I'm taking only 2 sessions on weekends.

My Time and therapy is free. However, mere Protected content would be charged for the Calamus powder and Oil during the session. :) :)

For booking, please comment on this thread or drop me a message on Protected content
With Love,
Ravi, ARYM certified therapist (for more info: Protected content

PS: Ayurvedic Yoga Massage combines traditional Indian Deep Tissue Massage and Yoga-Based Stretching Therapies. This original method of AYM was developed in the early Protected content by Master Kusum Modak from Pune, India.

A female student of Yoga Guru BKS Iyengar, Kusum brings together the essence of Iyengar Yoga practice, along with her personal experience on Ayurvedic massage gained from her old teacher Master Lamaye Maharaj, an expert in the art of therapeutic massag

The individual session of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage ARYM is given on a mattress on the floor. Treatment duration varies between Protected content . The treatment involves alternation between Deep Tissue massage and a series of stretches covering all regions of the body. Gradually a sense of openness and presence is brought to the receiver. Both hands and feet are used in the delivery of the massage. Another unique tool of the AYM massage is the use of Calamus powder mixed with just a little oil brings out the toxins from the body; the scrubbing and stimulating feeling awakens the skin, blood circulation and senses.

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