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Company refusing to pay (Hamburg)

Hi guys, I moved to Hamburg last year and since then have been learning German and trying to find jobs that fit around my integration course. I worked for a removal company called 'Spedition Zurek', located in Norderstedt for a few months and the work wasn't that great but I stuck it out for a bit of money, until I found something else. To my horror they didn't pay me for a months work and since October Protected content have been fighting a losing battle with them. They have completely took advantage of the fact that I don't speak perfect German and to me it seems that they do this a lot as most of the staff they employed were from other countries. They have agreed to pay me a part of the sum but it is not even a quarter of the real amount as they say I cannot prove how many hours I worked.
I would like to know if anyone else has had a similar problem whilst living here or even in another country. Or maybe even if anyone has any advice of what I can do to get my money from them.
Thanks guys, Phil.

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