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Dogs in Hamburg

Hi! I am hoping some of you fellow Hamburg dog lovers can be of assistance. I moved to Hamburg from the US a few months ago and had to leave my dog in the US at the time. I'm looking into bringing him to Hamburg in a couple of months but would like some more information before I do.

- Any recommendations for places / services within the city (or easily accessible by train/bus) for dog boarding while I am traveling out of town on holiday / work? When in the US, it is very common to have dog day care and boarding facilities for overnights - anything similar here you could recommend? I travel for my work so it is important that I can find a good place for him while I'm away.

- Any veterinarian recommendations?

- Any experience with traveling from the US with a dog into Germany (he would fly in-cabin with me)?

Thanks in advance for sharing your advice and experiences!

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