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Fat Burn, Spinning, Pilates, Crossfit Instructor (Heidelberg)

Hello, my future friends(hopefully),

My name is Aksinia and I am looking forward coming to live in Heidelberg!:)

I am a fitness professional, certified instructor and nutritionalist working with groups (Pilates, Spinning, HIIT, Crossfit) and having private fitness clients. My goal is improving skills and looks of anyone who is interested in healthy living. And who is into active lifestyle (from beginners to conditioning professionals, my mantra is good form in any movement. Health is top priority, then good looks come naturally).

You can check out my Facebook page 'Sugar free with Aksinia' :
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Or you can contact me at my personal FB page:
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I am coming to Heidelberg in 22 of September and I am excited to know more about your wellness community.
I will love to keep doing my job while I'm in Heidelberg.

Making people happy with the way they look and feel makes me feel accomplished. That's why I will be grateful if you could give me any tips on when, where, who would be interested in having a fitness professional in their gym or fitness community.

Do you know anyone interested in Pilates, Spinning, Crossfit classes?
Or interested in attending outside bootcamps on Saturdays/Sundays?

I will be so grateful, if you could help me with your Heidelberg experience!

Stay fresh,


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