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JOB 4 Trainers :Boot Camp Sustainable Development (Helsinki)


JOB 4 Trainers :Boot Camp Sustainable Development

Multilevel Sustainability Boot Camp

We are recruiting: we need trainers to join our team of Boot Camp Facilitators

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" You come to me by telling me and by telling everyone that you wish to learn. Then i ask you: are you ready? Here you will receive the necessary training for you to become a hero, activate your potential and develop complex abilities and access to the essential and simple principles and core within yourself that most of humanity is not aware of. Did you consider what does it means? for yourself? for your life and plans? for the people you love that is around you? Are you aware that by starting this training your perception of your self and of your whole life might change, that you yourself might change? Are you ready to experience, lead, choose, design and take responsibility of that process of self-transformation? I do not promess you that you will complete the training or that you would have anything on your hands when you leave. As you will need to see and experience your own unknown self, it might happend that you might decide to take some time off, or abandon your studies, It might happend that you wont stand the experience or process anymore, it might happend that you wont find any reason nor motivation to continue. The truth is, that what ever you wish to achieve the results and consequences of your actions will depend only on you, on the foundations you will build up along the training and on your ability to walk the path with your own heart. Are you aware of the tangibility of the organic integration of knowledge? Well, i think you are, or at least you would like to know what that is! ...and that is the main reason why you are here. Feel welcome, to start your journey among the multilevel sustainability realms" ~ L D Maldonado Fonken

" You learned the formulas of the universe, understand the math of life! You learned to understand and to remember the life discoveries of the sages of science and Philosophy of all times on earth, but you still didnt achieve knowledge. You learned how to create, utilize and operate technology and machinery, but you still didnt achieve knowledge. You learned all the information that interested you in books, media, and conferences, you listened to every one that suited your interests and you understood all the information they gave to you, but you still didnt achieve knowledge. You went to universities, institutes, received degrees (diplomas and certificates) that prooved the number of hours and activities you dedicated yourself to your interests, but you still didnt achieve knowledge. One day you experienced the sun rising within your heart, and then you knew for the first time in your life, what tangible objective knowledge is. The organic integration of knowledge awaits for you. Now you are at the gate that leads you to the hall that keeps all secrets of all the universes. You are welcome to try your first steps in order to prepare yourself to enter to the field of knowledge. " ~ L D Maldonado Fonken

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