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Information About Schooling In Islamabad



I am interested in living in Pakistan and working as an English teacher at a school in Pakistan.

I am a university graduate and I graduated this year with a 2:1 in Law (LLB) at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

The information I would like you to provide me with includes:
1. Is it possible to become a teacher in Pakistan without any prior teaching experience?

2. If the answer to the above question is no, what other fields will I be able to go into once I start to live in Pakistan? If the answer to the above question is yes, is it possible that I could gain international teaching qualifications while working in a school in Pakistan.

3. Could you please give me an estimate on the salary of a British Expat with a Law degree teaching English in Pakistan?

4. Do schools in Pakistan teach only English Language or do they also teach English Literature?

5. If I was to start my own Academy of English in Pakistan could you please tell me how much this would cost in Pakistani Rupees and how I would be able to advertise my Academy if this is the route I decide to go down?

6. If you could provide me with email addresses of other schools in Pakistan, preferably ones that are based in Islamabad or Rawalpindi as this is where I would be living, I will greatly appreciate it.

If you could reply you will have helped me a lot.

Thank you,

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