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Looking to provide some leverage to individual (Islamabad)

Hello Colleagues,

I just recently joined the and I am part of the Islamabad community on it.

I have an initiative that I would like someone's help on.

To just provide some insight on this initiative:

Looking to provide about 1Lakh rupees to a or multiple individuals where they can projectively become self-sustainable, possibly by creating self-employment or getting hired.

For example:

- A person can buy a motorcycle, which I think for a small brand new one is around Rs 50,000/- and use it to either create self-employment or get hired. So in this case we can distribute the whole 1Lalh to 2 different individuals. – The other example could be to diversify and distribute money for Sewing machine, rickshaw or Friut/Vegetable cart/gaari.

Please watch the below video as example for motivation and encouragement:
Protected content

I am sure there might be more thoughts on this than I have, which I truly welcome and encourage.

I would like your help with this initiative to help find or select individuals(s) and do some due diligence that they are keen and determined.

One of the penciled conditions could be be that these individuals would need to provide back as example Rs.2,000/- per month for a period of time, that you can also determine and manage. This will help them to work diligently.

For this initiative, I can remunerate you Rs.25,000/- to you to help or select individual(s). It may require a week or 2 weeks of work with some guidance.

Let me know if this is of interest and can spend some time on this good initiative.

Also please note that I am not a wealthy(financial) person but do have some motivation to provide leverage where we can and create some synergy on while on the journey of it.

Don;t hesitate to contact me and you can even send me an email on my personal email at: Protected content

With Regards,


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