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Dear members,

Are you aware of that your credit cards are being used even you didn't let this in the first place to this web site of Internations. I just realized this situation as I cancelled my credit card, system asks me a payment due to the renewal of my membership.

As a lawyer who is expertized in these issues, I have to warn all that this is illegal what is done here. I have chosen on purpose just a three months trial for my Albatros membership and as it seems system reserved and used my credit card information without my clear approval.

This is unethical and I will take legal steps. Even now when I want to change my membership status I get a warning for that I have make the payment first.

This web site doesnt have even permissions to reserve our personal data. And they are even keeping card information; this is unacceptable and those who are being abused as me may contact me from my e-mail adress; Protected content . I will gladly be assisting you for this issue.

Best Regards,

Aslı Akdağ

Istanbul Forum