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Private voice lessons offered in Karlsruhe

Always wanted to try voice lessons or get your child/teen involved in voice and/or music appreciation classes? If you live in/close to Karlsruhe... look no further!

I am a singer with a degree in classical voice from the US and Itlay. I have performance and teaching experience in the genres of jazz, pop, rock, musical theater, and classical/opera.
I have an active voice studio in Munich and have recently started a studio in Karlsruhe as well.

A bit about my philosophy and how I teach:
Every student has their own unique goals, experience, and aspirations and as your teacher it is my job to help you achieve those in the fashion that fits your schedule and life. That being said, I teach every student a solid technique... breathing and breath management, supporting the voice, posture, wanted and unwanted body tension, understanding of how to protect your instrument by understanding how it is working, helping you find and sing with your voice and not how you 'think' you should sound, etc. I give you the base so that your instrument can function at its best. Then from there we build on your musicality, interpretation, sound, resonance, etc. to meet your expectations. My goal is to create healthy singers that can care for their voice and sing well during but most importantly after our work together finishes some day. I give you the tools that I have learned through my own study at conservatories, festivals, and summer programs in a no-nonsense approach. Singing isn't hard if we don't make it hard!! I love teaching and have developed close relationships with all my students because we have so much fun... and that is a big help!!

For more information and/or to set-up a trial lesson, simply write me a PM!

I look forward to hearing from you!


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