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Cable TV provider / Keeping fit in the city (Kathmandu)

Hello there,

My partner and I will be moving to Kathmandu in Febuary for 12 months. At this stage we'll be living and working for (I)NGOs in Pathan.

I have two questions for anyone that may be able to help us:

1) I am hoping to get Cable TV hooked up in our apartmemt - for the simple reason of being able to watch my team in the Australian Football League on weekends(via the channel 'The Australia Network').

- Can anyone recommend a decent provider? What would I be expecting to pay? Is there anything else I need to look out for?

2) How do people stay fit and healthy in the city? We would love to do some regular yoga and are interested in exploring some form of meditation - possibly Tibetan Buddhist but open to ideas. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks very much, and we look forward to meeting you all in a few months time.


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