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Delivering a child in Kathmandu?


I am Viktoria and my husband and me have recently arrived from Germany in Kathmandu and will stay here for four years.

Since we are in the child-planning-stage and there seem to be a lot of expat parents with fairly young children around, I would like to ask if any one delivered here. I know that the conditions are probably not as good as in Europe and other western countries, but I would find it a real hassle to go back or to Bangkok to deliver, since you would have to fly out one month before the expected date. And also, Kathmandu is home now, and I would hate it to be somewhere else for it.

So, we had a look at Norvic which we find suitable. Has anyone any other ideas? Do you know good gynaecologist? What experiences do you have?

Thanks for any answers, have a good day!


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