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I am interested in move to Nepal - Pokhara (Kathmandu)

Good day everyone,

I've just registered an account here and I am looking for some information about possibility move to Nepal for living.

At the beginning I would like to introduce myself. First of all, I have 24 years old and I am seafarer which will obtain engineer's degree in mechanical engineering (Maritime University) in about 6 months. I live in Poland but in next Protected content I would like to change place of living. In this way I chose Nepal. I am in love with these beautifull views and culture. Anyway, I am not interested in job in Nepal because I work at sea in the offshore sector.

I have few questions in my mind which could not allow me proper sleep...
- Is it possible to get Nepalese nationality after many years of living in this such a lovely place?
- How much does land area Protected content cost? I know it depends on the location, but for example: Pokhara - land which is located close to the lake with view on the some mountains.
- Is it expensive to build a comfortable house in Nepal? (About Protected content
- What is the current tax rate in Nepal?
- Is it possible to invest if I am foreigner?

These informations are the most important for me because I have to plan my expenses. But if you have any information that could help me to move in Nepal I really appreciate this.

Looking forward to receive any hints from you :) Thanks!

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