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Looking for a School (5 y/o child) (Kathmandu)

Fed up with the school my house-keepers son (5 year old boy) is going to I would like to hear if anyone knows about a decent quality school somewhere near the Boudha / Jorpati area?

I have so many complains about the schooling system in Nepal that I wouldn't know where to start (could be beating the kids in school, the 12 hours schools-days which seem to be thought of as 'normal', the idea that a 5 y/o has to be able to count to Protected content , and therefore write it out in letters in his notebook, or a number of other 'stupid' things or rules). I could ramble on for hours about that...

But... for now I am just looking for an affordable school, maybe Montessori, maybe another system, where they actually teach on what the child can understand or use, and where they respect the child for what he or she is capable of, either mentally or physically. Would anyone have some ideas?

And yes, money is an issue, it's for my housekeepers son, and she would primarily be responsible / paying for his schooling. I could chip in some, but it would be out of proportion to pay more for his schooling then for her salary...

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